ucsarchitecture.info site now available for the UCS Architecture Community

Sun 03 December 2017

On 23 July, DOD approved the UCS Architecture Release 3.4 for Distribution A public release, cleared for open publication under DOD authorization 15-S-1859.

The DoD maintained a site with technical information and news through August 2015, to support the UCS Architecture community.

That content is now available on this site via the Dod Archive link to the right.

In the next few month, we will be adding news and information from the UCS Architecture community covering the period since August 2015.

As SAE International issues press releases and publishes revisions to the standards, this site will provide news and commentary for the community.

If you have a press release or a news article you would like to publish here, please use the Contact link at the top to let us know.

You may also appreciate the AS-4 UCS related links here:

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