S3stat analytics enabled to track UCS Architecture Community growth

Mon 14 January 2019

As new UCS adopters are coming aboard and new systems are being implemented with the UCS Architecture, we'd like to see how people are using the community site, and how to make it better.

The move to Amazon S3 and Cloudfront opens up some great opportunities for advanced analytics like those provided by S3stat. S3stat is a service that takes the detailed server access logs provided by Amazon's CloudFront and Simple Storage Service (S3), and translates them into human readable statistics, reports and graphs.

S3stat offers not only first-rate S3 / Cloudfront analytics, but they are willing to provide for a free license for non-profit communities like ours that are able to give S3stat a bit of promo.

The S3stat service provides first-rate how-to documentation that allowed a brand-new S3/Cloudfront user to successfully enable analytics in less than an hour via a dedicated, secure AWS role.

The reports are clear, easy to read and customize, and started giving me good feedback on visits and downloads.

I'll be sharing updates on S3stat and usage reports in the coming months.

Thanks, S3stat!

Category: UCS-News