AS-4UCS Unmanned Systems Control Segment Architecture Standard

The UCS Architecture standard defines interoperable functional interfaces for systems or families of systems that control and monitor one or more unmanned systems and their payloads, where an unmanned system is defined as a robotic vehicle that does not convey its operator, and a payload is defined as a device carried by the unmanned system to support its assigned mission.

The AS-4UCS Technical Committee further supports AS-4 in standards development for the remote identification of lightweight unmanned aircraft (less than 25 kg).

Historical UCS Architecture Information

The UCS Architecture was developed by the UCS Working group for the US Department of Defense under the auspices of the Office of the Undersecretary of Defense (OUSD). The UCS Working Group developed a body of technical information and community news, culminating with the final DoD release of the UCS Architecture at Release 3.4. This content is archived at this link:

DoD UCS Architecture Site August 13, 2015

SAE International AS-4 Unmanned Systems Technical Committee

The SAE International AS-4 Unmanned Systems Technical Committee is responsible for the creation and management of the UCS Architecture: A set of standards, reports and recommendations that define software services to monitor and control Unmanned Systems.

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About the UCS Architecture

For more information, contact The SAE AS-4 Unmanned Systems Techical Committee Secretary, Jim Albers