SAE publishes AS6969™ - Data Dictionary for Quantities Used in Cyber Physical Systems

Sun 08 July 2018

Congratulations to Doug Gregory, sponsor of the AS6969 Data Dictionary Used in Cyber Physical Systems for approval by the Aerospace Council and publication by the SAE.

Doug, who is also chair of the SAE AS-4 Unmanned Systems Control Segment (UCS) Architecture Technical Committee developed the AS6969 standard as a foundation to support the system engineering definitions used in the UCS Architecture. The resulting data dictionary has found wide acceptance across several systems engineering communities, not just those related to unmanned systems.

See the SAE press release for details:

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AS6969™ provides a set of mathematical definitions of quantities and modalities used in the command and control of manned and unmanned vehicles, weapons, sensors and other cyber physical devices. The data dictionary is intended for use by software modelers while remaining agnostic to the choice of modeling language and structure.

Central to each mathematical definition is a universally unique identifier (UUID), which provides a consistent denotation of the semantics of named elements in all data models that incorporate the data dictionary. Programs will have the right to fully reproduce the required data dictionary definition tables within their project documentation.

AS6969™ also provides the structure and guidance for the development of third-party quantity domains that extend the core standard for domain-specific quantities, measurands and measurements. The AS-4 will be publishing one or more quantity domains as appendices to AS6969™ to support its portfolio of unmanned systems standards.

The benefits to software modelers of the AS6969™ Family of Dictionaries are these:

  • A library of mathematically coherent and industry-reviewed definitions that will save software modelers time and reduce errors in data model projects;
  • The means to equate the semantics of a named element in one model with the semantics of a named element in another via their UUID, thus saving model integration time and reducing errors.
    • The AS6969™ Family of Dictionaries will not constrain the choice of modeling language or modeling tool, or the structure of the model. Nor does it constrain the naming of types and properties in the model.
    • Users can extend the AS6969™ Family of Dictionaries while maintaining mathematical coherence.

The AS6969™ Family of Dictionaries will provide a key resource in the industry’s drive towards ‘Level-3 Maturity’ of model-based engineering standards for Cyber Physical Systems, in which multiple domain model standards can be integrated into a single architecture using reusable and interoperable model packages and common information exchange formats.

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