UCS Architecture Technical Committee Videos

Linking to External Files and Web Sites

This video shows how to reference supplemental material without having to embed documents directly in the model file.

Creating traces relationships from ServiceInterfaces to UseCases

This video shows how to run a new script that will create trace relationships from ServiceInterfaces to the UseCases they support. The ability to visualize these relationships can help select the right set of ServiceInterfaces to provide a desired capability.

Tutorial Videos for AS-4 UCS Architecture Technical Committee Members

The videos in this directory will be useful ONLY for SAE AS-4 UCS members because they require access to unpublished UCS work in progress. If you would like to participate with the UCS Technical Committee please contact the SAE AS-4 Unmanned Systems Techical Committee Secretary, Jim Albers, mailto:jalbers@fastpilot.com.

These tutorials may be helpful to those who are not committee members, but non-members will only be able to view the videos and will not be able to do hands-on walkthrough of the models.